New Income Tax e-Filing Portal


Income Tax Department has launched new portal for e filing  it said there will be a ” mobile app” and with  step-by-step guidance for tax payers having  user manuals and videos. Lets find more on the salient features of this new “e-filing portal”. The most important features of the “e-filing 2.0 portal”,

Income Tax Department will launch its portal on June 7 2021,  its new portal will be mobile friendly, have pre-filled Income Tax Return forms and simplified utility.

Income Tax Department will launch its new  portal The old portal will be  replaced by new one the existing portal,”.

Features of the new income tax portal which will be available from 1st june 2021

  • Multiple of options of login.
  • Help Desk Support
  • Chat bot support for common taxpayers queries.
  • Prefilled downloadable forms.
  • Avoidance of filling of repeated information.
  • Simple and user-friendly for all tax payers.
  • Can be used for filing tax refunds.
  • Shall be helpful for queries regarding notice, response from taxpayers and communicate for final assessment orders, appeals which can be seen on taxpayers dashboard.

IPA offers  Income Tax Course