File ITR (Income Tax Return) at Post Office


ITR (Income Tax Return) can now be filed at your local post office

Good news, now you can File Income Tax Return at Post offices. Submitting a tax return has just been a whole way simpler, according to India Post, which now allows taxpayers to submit ITRs at their post office’s Common Services Centers counter. In this respect, the India Post has indeed issued the statement, which seems to be a significant comfort for multitudes of employed income taxpayers from across the country.

“Finally you don’t have to drive far to submit your tax returns.” Income tax return facilities are available at the local postal service CSC desk.

Non-filers of tax returns for a previous couple of years would’ve been exposed to higher taxes subtracted at source and tax collected at sources rates if any such deductible was Rs 50,000 or even more in those 2 years, according to Budgetary 2021.

File Income Tax Return at Post Offices is Now Live

Consumers can now submit their tax returns or ITRs through the local post desk’s Common Services Centers, according to India Post. The mission is to make a taxable income simple and suitable. For multitudes of employed income taxpayers across India, India Post’s statement about how to submit a tax return at a postal service is a pleasant change.

The average citizen utilizes the Postal Office’s CSC counters across the country to access a range of financial services, includes postal, bank, and insurance. Individuals may obtain a variety of governmental perks and data at some of these Postal Service CSC counters.

It serves as a hub for the supply of numerous communications banking to Indian communities, while also assisting a more technologically and economically accessible society.

The postal office’s CSC desk serves as a “single point of access” for Indians all throughout the nation. Clients can access a variety of postal banking and insurance services from one location.

The CSC desk of the postal service can provide anyone with data regarding numerous government programs and perks. Other than that, clients could use these counters to access a variety of e-services provided by the government of India’s ‘Digital India Project.’

File Income Tax Return at Post offices

Postal Service CSC counters around the country serve as a single point of access for People to obtain numerous banking services such as mail, finance, and insurance. Individuals can obtain a variety of governmental perks and data at some of these Post Office CSC counter.

Besides this, the Indian government offers a variety of e-services to Citizens of India through the Digital India initiative. The ITR e-filing options on the taxation site, is in complement to this India Post offering.

The new framework, though, is presently hampered by glitches. The IT team, in collaboration with Infosys, is constantly trying to resolve all technological concerns so that Indian taxpayers can have a good experience.

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