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GSTIN Number

What is a GSTIN or GST number?

The GSTIN number, or Products and Services Tax Id, or just GST amount, is a crucial identification for firms in the GST age. While most firms applied for a Refund request or migrated their registration from the old tax regime, they were given a 15-digit temporary Id number, which was then confirmed once that necessary paperwork was checked.

A single individual can have several GSTINs in each state where they trade. Whenever a person registers for GST and exceeds the threshold value for registering, he or she is required to receive an Id number.

What is the importance of GSTIN?

Having one’s GST number in India is critical for every firm, as providers must appropriately mention the Id number as the GST invoicing bar code on all invoicing given, resulting in the appropriate accounting of input tax. Likewise, firms must obtain GST numbers from their clients and use them in bills sent to clients, because this will determine the consumers’ ITC In conclusion, all firms should register for just a GSTIN in India, as it is a necessary necessity for every company. It will assist firms not just in obtaining the appropriate input tax, as well as in maintaining their market trustworthiness. Companies should gain every knowledge that they can about getting a number of GST and, more crucially, how and when to qualify for one in India.

GST Number Format

GSTIN stands for GST Identity Card and is a 15-digit GSTIN number. The characteristics of each digit that makes up the GSTIN form are as follows:

The characteristics of each digit that makes up the GSTIN form are as follows:

1 and 2 digits: that’s the state code:

The next ten numbers are the corporate object’s PAN.

The 13th figure indicates the product code

For companies having up to ten lead information licenses throughout the jurisdiction, this can vary from zero to 9, and that for companies with far more than 9 applications, it can run from A to Z.

By convention, the 14th letter would be ‘Z’.

The 15th number actually symbolizes a checksum.

How to apply for a GSTIN number?

To receive a GSTIN number you can apply for GST registration it is important to assure that the required application, GST REG-01, is completed correctly and also that the company owner has all of the necessary papers on hand in order to finish the report on time.

Every company that has a question as to how to obtain a GST registration number can go to the GST portal to learn much more about the procedure.   

Method for obtaining a GSTIN number:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Fill complete the following pages as components of the GST REG-01 form:
  • Distributor / Partners Information
  • Main Business Locations Other Business Locations Items & Services
  • Verification of information specific to each state

You will be sent an official and SMS notification after you have submitted your GST REG-01 form, confirming that your new id request has been completed. The 15-digit Applicant Reference Number will be included in this email.

Following submission, the Registration Form is subjected to required scrutiny via the GST site, after which it may be accepted or rejected. In certain situations, you may be asked to provide extra information or documents.

If more issues are identified, you would be given a Legal Notice Reference No., which you must use to log into the website, go to the specific page and area in which the explanation is needed, and submit the required documents.

How to Check the GSTIN number of Any Business you Need?

You would be given a 15-digit GSTIN and a temporary login, when you’re Fresh Set Of users, has been checked and accepted in the GST system. So you can begin by checking in with your GSTIN number as your User ID and a provisional password which you can reset after your first session.