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What is GST Registration, Who needs to register for GST?

GST registration is required for any firm or entity that engages in the purchase and sale of products or services. Businesses with an annual turnover of much more than Rs.20 lakhs and Rs. 40 lakhs must apply for Registration. Companies who make interstate outbound shipments of products must also apply for Registration. Companies who make payments on account of other taxable people, such as Brokers and Agents, are subject to the same regulations. E-commerce vendors really do not need to join if their overall revenue is below than Rs.20 lakhs, according to recent news.

GST Registration documents required for Proprietorship, Private Limited Companies, LLP

The list consists of necessary documents for GST registration for multiple companies:

  • Proprietorship
  • LLP proprietor’s PAN card and proof of residence
  • Private Limited
  • Diploma of Incorporation
  • PAN Card of Company
  • Articles of Association, AOA
  • Memorandum of Association, MOA
  • Resolution signed by members of the board
  • Identity and address proof of directors
  • Digital Signature Private Limited Company
  • Diploma of Incorporation
  • PAN Card of Company
  • Articles of Association, AOA
  • Partnership agreement, MOA

The following items could be used to verify  address for GST Registration:

  • Passport
  • Voter Identification Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Statement of Bank Account

As far as identification proof is concerned, a PAN cards or an Aadhar card can be used. Any of the members can provide their voter ID, passports, phone bills, power bill, and phone bills as proof of residence.


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