Chartered Accountant –Eligibility – Examination – Career Scope in India

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How to Become Chartered Accountant Course – Eligibility Examination – career Scope in India


Chartered Accountant Course is a 5-year course and it’s three-level course. Chartered accountants are specialists in the rules and regulations that affect companies in a range of places. Global companies will require extremely competent auditors to maintain a count of their expenditures and revenues as they grow in power. CAs are qualified to assist firms in accordance with generally accepted accounting and in conformity with legal requirements, which might vary substantially across nations.

Its certification is globally and CA’s are referred to as the specialist accountants who are trained and certified to do multiple specific works in the range of the spectrum.  Analyzing income reports, preparing company tax records, and investment advice are examples of these activities.

Eligibility Criteria for Chartered Accountant Course

To be a Chartered Accountant, an applicant must complete a series of training programs and examinations administered by  ICAI in India.

Foundation Route Eligibility Requirements:

  • To qualify for the Foundation exam, a candidate should have cleared Class 12 and finished four months of studying.
  • The applicant must enroll with the Council of Education for a four-month study period.

Direct Entry Method Eligibility Requirements:

  • Commerce Graduates with a least 55 % cumulative or Other Graduates from a recognized university are eligible for direct enrollment to the introductory program.

ICAI CA Exam Details

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India administers CA examinations in India and certifies candidates as certified Chartered Accountants when they complete the three-level program.

The following tests are carried out:

  • The Foundation Exam
  • The Middle Exam
  • The Final Exam

The Foundation Exam The Common Proficiency Test is the first examination in the CA program, continued by the Inter and Final exams. Exams for Interim and Finals are held twice a year, in May and November. In June and December of each year, CPT is held.

Chartered Accountant Course

Process of Becoming Chartered Accountant

How can 12th Pass students job Chartered Accountant Course

  1. After taking or passing the Class 12 exam, enroll with the Board of Studies (BOS).
  2. Study for four months (bi-annual registration: June 30/December 31)
  3. Take the Foundation test in November or May
  4. Completion of the CA Certificate Program
  5. Apply for the Intermediate Program with the Board of Supervisors.
  6. Complete an eight-month training program
  7. Attend and succeed in one or both of the Intermediate Level groups.
  8. Complete the four-week Combined Training on Information Systems and Soft Skills any moment after enrolling for the Intermediate Program but prior to the Training Programme begins.
  9. After clearing one or both of the Intermediate Course Group, enroll for three years of professional work.
  10. Enroll in the Finals Program after passing both Intermediate Training Classes.
  11. Complete the Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills for four weeks in the last 2 decades of Professional Work and before the Final Exam.
  12. Take the final examination during the final 6 months of technical experience.
  13. Complete hands-on experience
  14. Complete both Final Course groups
  15. Join us as a member.

Steps to Take When Taking a Direct Route

  • Students can participate in a Straight Route Professional Accounting program.
  • Graduates from the Commerce stream with a minimum of 55 percent cumulative or comparable grade can qualify for this entrance path. Applicants must, nevertheless, have studied Accounting, Audit, Commercial Laws, Corporation Laws, Finance, Managerial, Tax, Costing, Business Management, or Management Accounting, or a similar name with various phonetic spellings.
  • Bachelors and postgraduates from non-commerce fields should have received at least 60% in an assessment administered by a recognized board or an equivalent qualification.
  • Students who have completed the Intermediate level examinations conducted by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India or even the Institute of Company Secretaries of India are also eligible for automatic recruitment. Applicants who meet these criteria are excluded from taking the Foundation Course and therefore can register in the Intermediate Course directly.

How Can Qualified  Graduates take Direct Entry in Chartered Accountant Course?

  1. Enroll in the Intermediate program with the BOS.
  2. Successfully finish the ICITSS for four weeks prior to the start of the Real Program.
  3. Enroll in a three-year practical training course.
  4. After 9 months of professional work, take the Intermediate exam.
  5. Completion of an Intermediate Program
  6. After passing both sections of the Intermediate Program, enroll for the Final Exam.
  7. Finish Four Weeks AICITSS effectively during last 2 years of Vocational Skills but just before taking the Finals Exam
  8. Take the final test during the final 6 months of vocational skills.
  9. Completing practical training
  10. Qualifying in both Finals Courses sections
  11. Becoming a member

What does CA’s do

These accounting professionals work in four main areas.

  1. Taxes,
  2. Financial accounting and control,
  3. Application of finance
  4. Financial management

The framework within which an auditor operates is determined by the specialty he or she selects. Chartered accountants are capable of wearing a variety of headwear.

Accountants may be in charge of a business’s full financial requirements. They have a much more limited role, including overseeing only one area of a company, like an audit or taxation. Most of these extremely competent individuals will become independent or serve as experts for hire.

Qualities That Every CA Should Have

  1. A highly victorious accounting profession necessitates a variety of abilities. To correct revenue recognition errors, chartered accountants should have rigorous analytic skills.
  1. Arithmetic abilities are necessary for thoroughly reviewing figures and doing simple computations. Operating in multinational financial services companies demands strong communication skills.
  1. Many business managers are multinational, which allows professionals to interact with a diverse group of business leaders.
  1. Job performance is easy to understand cultural identities in a faraway environment. They require the organizational capability to retain their economic records in order.
  1. Whenever it comes to fulfilling deadlines, including such taxation deadlines, effective time management is important.
  1. The ability for using today’s modern advanced accounting information systems necessitates manufacturing capacity. Chartered accountants should also be good at a business in order to make sound financial judgments.
  1. Chartered accountants should be precise and meticulous in their work. It must ensure that your clients’ currency is secure, and all local rules and regulations are adhered to. CAs should be well in the business tax laws of the countries with which their clients do commerce.

Reasons why CA’s are in demand

  • A CA is hired for a range of factors by businesses, corporations, and individuals. Most finance and management issues are delicate, and they must be handled by somebody who is quite knowledgeable.
  • Small businesses want to know that their financial matters have been handled professionally, without any of the risks of legal implications or costly mistakes. They would like to recruit the most highly qualified auditors possible.
  • The need for CAs has already been gradually rising for years, and it’s never been higher than now. While CAs are in short supply in the United States, they are in fierce competition in nations that need qualified auditors to hold a CA license.
  • CAs are in a growing market everywhere from India to Australia, particularly in companies that do international commerce.
  • Accountancy, like law and medicine, is a profession that demands specific expertise, thus company owners must pay experts to accomplish it. Chartered auditors are hired by international companies that require a lot of financial information.
  • There really are numerous reasons how you might desire to become a chartered accountant. They receive decent pay, are well-liked in the field, and have the right to design according to their own terms.
  • CAs would play a growing role in overseas trade as the global economy becomes increasingly integrated. It’s a simple task to become a CA, and it’s also a difficult one.

Career Scope of a Chartered Accountant


They are outside experts who are asked or dispatched to businesses to review their accounts in order to ensure that their financial statements are correct. Internal auditors are hired by the majority of businesses.

Accountant for Professional Services

The career as a business operations accountant should be to provide customers with financial and reporting solutions. The accountant’s additional responsibilities involve trying to keep track of organizations’ investments, compiling income reports, submitting tax filings, and providing advice and direction on financial strategy.

 Managing Director of Finance

A chief financial officer is a former manager who is now in charge of an organization’s financial growth and performance.

 Accountants that specialist in costing

Management accountants are in charge of tracking and analyzing the corporation’s materials, production, and manufacturing costs. They also advise the top operations on more cost-effective methods for streamlining and managing expenses.

Controller of finances

The finance controller’s main task is to collaborate with top managers and play a significant role in corporate operations.

Tax Consultants

Tax accountants are experts in the field of tax. Tax lawyers are responsible for handling inspections, tax filings, and ultimate inspections for individuals and companies.

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