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In the accounting profession, business accounting and taxation has been in fierce competition. Individuals and companies have gradually recognized the power of tax filing and record keeping. Business accounting and taxation course in Pune processes and methodologies have evolved over time, rendering it a more complex and precise practice. 

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Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Pune

With passage of time and heightened recognition, an increasing number of people recognize the significance of filing tax returns. Because filing taxes can be a time-consuming procedure, the bulk of citizens use Accounting and Taxation professionals to help them.

Features of BAT Business Accounting & Taxation Course in Pune

  • BAT in Pune is 100 % Job Guarantee Course.
  • Experienced CA faculties to teach practical aspects.
  • Recognized Diploma Certificate


  • Industrial Accounting.
  • Accounting Software: Tally ERP, BUSY,
  • Income Tax (Online ITRReturn Filing)
  • GST(Online GST Return Filing)
  • Auditing
  • Provident Fund Labour Laws
  • Company Law matters.
  • Stock Market – Capital Market
  • E-Commerce & Banking
Taxation course in pune



Business accounting is the method of keeping a record of all of a company’s financial transactions. This procedure involves evaluating, documenting, and interpreting financial information. Accounting course in Hyderabad helps student gain practical experience in the field.




Authorities all across the globe use tax as a method of revenue collection. It entails imposing fees on people, groups of individuals, or businesses in order to create cash that can be used to fund the nation’s development efforts.


Let’s look through some basic principles to gain a sense of what would be covered in the business accounting and taxation course:


  • Business accounting and taxation course in Pune is a comprehensive certified delivered through in-person and online courses that gives pupils with an in-depth understanding of Accounting and has a broad curriculum. It includes a well-balanced blend of academic and practical understanding of bookkeeping and accountancy to provide individuals with a well-rounded viewpoint.
  • This phase also includes professional training in the System Application Product (SAP), a system made up of components that include all aspects of business administration. Studying SAP is a valuable tool to contribute to your set of skills in the management field.
  • Business accounting and taxation course in Pune provides learners with Bookkeeping Training application tools and approaches. This program is among the most authentic sources in the department of finance when it comes to preserving sensitive financial reports or data.

Eligibility for Accounting Course in Pune


  • Individuals who recently graduated and still want to acquire accountancy knowledge and techniques
  • People with 0-two decades of experience who wish to equip and go into a high-profile position
  • Individuals who wish to learn how to use the most critical accounting software in the field

Is It Worth To Take A Business Accounting And Taxation Course in Pune


A business accounting and taxation course in Pune seeks to educate you with both the fundamentals of the three main components of Commerce, namely Business, Accountancy, and Tax, irrespective you intend to gain a career in it.  Have an understanding of the advantages of taking a business accounting and taxation course in Pune.


  • BAT course in Pune is a great short-term Post graduate programme for commerce and non-commerce learners as being one of the finest work placements after BCom.
  • The business accounting and taxation course in Pune provides students with understanding of technological financial accounting such as System Application Product (SAP) and strives to educate them on par with qualified CAs and MBAs.
  • In Pune, the pay for a business accounting and taxation program varies from 0.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs INR.

How Can You Enroll In A Business Accounting And Taxation Course in Pune

To register for the business accounting and taxation program in Pune, go to the institution’s official website and read the offline request form or register online. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in a commerce-related discipline or specialty, such as B.Com, BBA, etc. Every institution that offers the business accounting and taxation program charges differently, and it is available both in online and full-time formats.

BAT course in Pune


Pune  also known as Poona, (the official name from1818 until 1978) is the seventh most populous city in India and the
second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020.  It has been
ranked “the most liveable city in India” several times. Along with the municipal corporation area of PCMC, PMC and the three cantonment towns of Camp, Khadki, and Dehu Road, Pune forms the urban core of the eponymous Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR). According to the 2011 census, the urban area had acombined population of 5.05 million while the population of the metropolitan region was estimated to be 7.7 million. Situated 560 metres (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau, on the right bank of the Mutha river Pune is also the administrative headquarters of the Pune district.




BAT Business Accounting & Taxation Course in Pune

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Now a days the job of a Accounting Job  is  one of  most remunerative career paths today and it is lucrative career path mainly for professionals from finance and accounting sector. 

Get Better Pay after BAT

Average Accountant Salary in India is between 2 lacs to 10 lacs p.a. which depends upon qualification experience and employer                                                                           

Learn Business Accounting & Taxation Course from Experts

Get practical training by expert and industry experienced Chartered Accountants, MBA and Advocates at IPA Institute.

Who can do BAT Business & Accounting Course in Pune

  • Any Graduate B com BA or Post -Graduates.
  • 12th Pass in any Discipline.
  • Working Professionals.
  • Age between 18- 30.
Accounting course in pune

  Course Duration

  • Duration: 250 Hours (12 Months)
  • Option 1 : 1 Hour (Daily Basis)
  • Option 2 : 2 Hours (Alternate Days )
  • Option 3 : 6 Hours (Weekend Basis)

Career Options after BAT Business Accounting & Taxation Course in Pune

  • Assistant Accountant.
  • Accounts Manager
  • Finance Manager.
  • Taxation Assistant.
  • Taxation Manager.

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